All-Star Tournament Update

Updated Wednesday May 31, 2017 by Jenn McDonald.

The progressive all-star tournament is an exciting experience for players in Northampton Cal Ripken Baseball.  Northampton teams have an excellent history advancing to the State and New England Regional levels. If your child is selected for an All Star team, he or she is expected to make all practices and games. The tournament schedule is listed below. Please check to see if there are conflicts with your family vacation/camp before your child commits to a team. 

Due to low number of interested players, we will only field (2) all-star teams this year- 10U and 12U.

The players age (11) and (12) will have the opportunity to try-out for the 12U team and players age (9) and (10) for the 10U team.  

The Cal Ripken Board contacted all of the surrounding leagues and attempted to consolidate and make a 9U and 11U team.  Unfortunately, Western Mass will not have an 11U all-star team and Greenfield is the only league entering a 9U team.

We will host a try-out for the (12U) all-star team on Friday, June 2nd, 4:30-5:45 at Ryan Road, field 4.  Our (12U) All-star head coach, Sean McDonald will lead the try-outs and will announce the team following the weekend.

The 10U all-star team, led by head coach, Kevin McDonald already hosted try-outs and will announce the 10U team on Friday, June 2nd.  

The cost to play on the all-star team is $25.  The coaches will announce a practices/scrimmage schedule that will not conflict with regular season.  

Questions/comments, let us know.

2017 12U Tournament Dates

  • District Tournament:  Northampton -  June 24-25
  • State Tournament: Pepperell, MA -  July 1-2
  • Regional Tournament:  New Milford, CT – July 14-July 20

2017 10U Tournament Dates

  • 10U – District Tournament:  Greenfield - June 24-25
  • 10U – State Tournament:  Milford, MA - July 1-2
  • 10U – Regional Tournament:  Marlboro, MA – July 14-July 20